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Eyelash Extensions

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The Balmain human hair extension system uses the finest quality hair that is colored using enzymes, not bleach, so it remains in optimum condition.

They come pre-colored in 4 different textures or can be dyed to match the clients own hair exactly. It can be applied by two different methods. Ask Danielle for specifics.

Individual Bonds:  $10.50 a bond
(it takes from 120-200 bonds to create a very full and glamorous look)

Small Keratin heat sealed bonds hold the extensions into the hair.  The bonds are comfortable to wear and unnoticeable but will secure the extension firmly in place. After 3 months these can be removed by us and re-bonded in again.   They can only be re-applied once due to natural hair shed of the extensions.  These can be used to add length, color and volume. These type of extensions are for a client who requires a very natural look to their extensions.

Double Hair: $675 (one full set)
This is a weft type system of human hair that is held in place by individual bonds sandwiched in between the layers of the weft.  Each piece is equivalent to 20 single extensions.  They come pre-dyed or can be colored if the exact shade is not available.  They can be used for color and volume singularly or placed throughout the head to lengthen.  They are ideal for a client who wants to lengthen their hair while still retaining a natural look.  These extensions are very versatile as they can be bonded or clipped in to the hair on a temporary basis. They are great for someone who is unsure about having extensions for the first time as they can be clipped in initially and then bonded once a client becomes more used to them.

Balmain 100% human hair clip extensions (5 pieces): $375
They are available in two lengths - 15cm and 30cm. Each packet comes with three lengths of hair in different but complementary colors. They are attached via special “micro” clips. These clips are strong and fix the extensions securely in place. The beauty of these extensions is that they can give you added volume, highlights and / or lowlights instantly.


Hair Extension F.A.Q.’s - Frequently Asked Questions

Why hair extensions?
Hair extensions are not just for adding length. Add highlights and color accents without using permanent color. Create texture accents without using permanent waves or chemical straightening. Increase body and volume of natural hair. Add more length to your current style.

Is it real hair or synthetic?
Balmain hair extensions are 100% human hair and they are available in straight, wavy and curly textures.

How long does it  take to install hair extensions?
Approximately 2-5 hours for the individual bonds and 1.5 for the Double Hair.

Will wearing hair extensions damage my natural hair?
No.  When you are ready to remove your hair extensions, your natural hair is left in normal condition.

Can I style my hair extensions with a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron?
You can do almost anything with hair extensions that you can do with your natural hair. We will recommend a home care and styling regimen for you.

How long do hair extensions last?
You can wear them temporarily for a special event or keep them in for 3 to 6 months.

Are Balmain hair extensions reusable?
YES!  Balmain hair extensions are the first brand of reusable hair extensions on the market.  Through the use of rebonds and special rebonding techniques, our hair extensions can be reused for up to a year.

What is the  cost to reapply the extensions after it has grown out?
$10.50 for the individual bonds and  $120/hr for the Double Hair Extensions

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